outdoor seats

Restaurants with outdoor seating options for a meal with views.

Enjoy open-air dining in Lisbon with scenic views and fresh breezes.

Updated on
June 30, 2024
Pizzeria Maria
Delicious pizza in retro cozy atmosphere.
Barra Cascabel
Lively Mexican cuisine and cocktails in el corte ingles's rooftop gourmet eatery zone.
Cozy elegant French bistro with wide variety of wines.
Refeitório do Senhor Abel
Classic tasty pizzas in an alternatively-decorated space.
A Valenciana
Traditional local Portuguese food and amazing roasted chicken.
La Malquerida
Street-food style tacos and happy hour margaritas.
Specialized in pizzas with a good selection.
Traditional Portuguese cuisine in the historic Palacio Nacional de Queluz.
Stunning river views and Portuguese dishes in Almada.
Trendy Caparica beachfront dining in vibrant Bohemian style.
Moinho Dom Quixote
Cozy, rustic dining in Sintra with panoramic views.
Scandinavian style brunch and cakes.
Laid-back fusion restaurant with a river-view rooftop terrace.
Stylish, retro cool terrace rooftop overlooking the river and railroads.
Romantic spot with Mediterranean-Asian fusion dishes, plus a tree-shaded brick terrace & city views.
Oysters and Margaritas
A bar with oysters and other seafood, fish, cocktails and wine.
Romantic Argentinian grill with a city view.
Tasty meat of great value, plus a garden.
Lovely spot and famous for the pistachio flavor gelato.
Quirkily decorated cozy space that serves food all day.
Stylish chic spot with a garden for some seafood!
Cafe Principe Real
Elegant Hotel rooftop in Principe Real overlooking a pool and the city.
Manifest Lisbon
Stylish, relaxing space and young crowd.
Onde Cocktail Room
Intimate bar in Graca with tasty cocktails.
Secret Garden LX
Casual homey place for sunset.
Organi Chiado
Small and casual in downtown Chiado.
Bahr & Terrace
Unassuming elegant rooftop restaurant in a 5-star hotel.
Páteo - Bairro do Avillez
Author's restaurant, fancier but yummy
Well-located Pan Asian restaurant with trendy stylish vibes.
Entretanto Rooftop Bar
Relaxing, calm hotel rooftop in Chiado with an insane view.
Zambeze Restaurant
Modern restaurant serving African/Portuguese fusion food and a terrace of city view.
Café da Garagem
Hidden cafe overlooking the city's view through floor-to-ceiling windows.
A purple bar serving beers, beers, and beers.
Newly-opened stylish rooftop with a panoramic elevator!
Noobai Rooftop Bar & Restaurante
Rooftop for casual sunset with some food.
Pasteis de Belem
Time-honoured Portuguese pastry shop making the iconic egg tarts.
SUD Lisbon
River view, great ambience with rooftop pool.
Copenhagen Coffee Lab
Cafe and bakery chain with 6+ locations in Lisbon - a favorite of digital nomads.
Chic high-end rooftop restaurant with a view
High-end, proper, with an amazing basement lounge bar. (Michelin plate)
Italian ice cream shop with a variety of flavors next to a park.
Honda's Ramen
Delicious ramen made by Nepalese chef.
Dear Breakfast
Minimalist eatery serving breakfast / brunch and coffee.
RD's Restaurant
Affordable, delicious Nepalese cuisine in the heart of the Graça neighborhood.
Newly opened rooftop with a spacious "playground" and river view.
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