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Pasteis de Belem


Portuguese, pastry


outdoor seats, traditional, touristic





Time-honoured Portuguese pastry shop making the iconic egg tarts.

1837 was the year the original Pastéis de Belém started, following an ancient recipe from the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos. That secret recipe is recreated every day in the bakery, by hand, using only traditional methods.

Whenever I don't know what to eat for breakfast, or feel like having an afternoon snack, a pastel de nata is my go-to. Locals love it too. You can find it in every cafe around the corner. Eating pastel de nata in Portugal is almost like a religion.

My favorite version of this sweet pastry is found in Pasteis de Belem. Pasteis de Belem is a large and airy pastry café located in Belem, serving Portuguese pastries, including pies and bread. It is considered one of the oldest pastel de nata shop, thus attracting many tourists.

Despite how touristy the place may get + being a bit far away from the city, I would still swing by there once in a while to buy some just out-of-the-oven still warm pasteis de nata. (If you think Belem is too far of a trip, then Mantegaria is the next best alternative in the city).

The perfect crunchy layered shell combined with not overly sweet egg custard filling. I always sprinkle generously some cinnamon powder and sugar, and then enjoy a bite of this delicate sweet thing.


Cinnamon powder is a must.

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