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Top restaurants in Lisbon for big groups, bachelor party, team dinners and more.

Bring the gang! These spots are perfect for large groups, where everyone leaves with a full belly and happy heart.

Updated on
June 30, 2024
Authentic Ukrainian restaurant, in contemporary setting.
Xico Rolo
Portuguese restaurant specializing in dishes from Alentejo region.
Refeitório do Senhor Abel
Classic tasty pizzas in an alternatively-decorated space.
A Valenciana
Traditional local Portuguese food and amazing roasted chicken.
Sophisticated French brasserie with high-end menu and a resident DJ
Sea Me Peixaria Moderna
Contemporary eatery with Portuguese/Japanese seafood fusion menu.
Classic American-style burgers and craft beer in casual setting.
Traditional Portuguese cuisine in the historic Palacio Nacional de Queluz.
Stunning river views and Portuguese dishes in Almada.
Trendy Caparica beachfront dining in vibrant Bohemian style.
Moinho Dom Quixote
Cozy, rustic dining in Sintra with panoramic views.
Most authentic Sichuan hot pot in warm, inviting atmosphere.
Stylish, retro cool terrace rooftop overlooking the river and railroads.
Chuan Yue
Sichuan flavor dishes & all-you-can-eat hot pot.
Taberna do Lopes 1st Floor
Premium meat restaurant on Michelin guide.
Macau Dim Yum (Yum Cha Garden)
Authentic dim sum place with huge varieties.
Stylish chic spot with a garden for some seafood!
Modern and tidy Chinese restaurant specializes in hot pot.
Authentic, popular Portuguese seafood
Sweet Olive 桂花巷
Hidden item on the menu "hot pot" is the absolute star.
Topo Martin Moniz
Trendy casual rooftop with city view + mixed cool crowd of good vibes.
Páteo - Bairro do Avillez
Author's restaurant, fancier but yummy
Sichuan flavors and authentic ingredients
Adega das Gravatas
Grilled meat on the hot stone, Portuguese style.
Pasteis de Belem
Time-honoured Portuguese pastry shop making the iconic egg tarts.
SUD Lisbon
River view, great ambience with rooftop pool.
Nunes Real Marisqueira
Classic Portuguese seafood restaurant with a price tag
Trendy, Korean restaurant with K-Pop music.
Zé da Mouraria 2
Best place to eat "bacalhau" (codfish)
Han Table Barbecue
Value for money Korean barbecue perfect for groups
Thai decors and ambiance with great variety of dishes
Chong Qing Hotpot
All-you-can-eat hot pot with affordable prices.
Si Chuan Restaurante / 川渝印象
Typical Sichuan style restaurant by chefs from Chengdu.
Grande Palacio Hong Kong
Chinese dim sum with huge varieties.
Newly opened rooftop with a spacious "playground" and river view.
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