Da Wanmian


Asian, noodles





Martim Moniz

Famous for the 6-euro Chinese noodles.

If you have lived in Lisbon for a while and you are a fan of finding Chinese cheap eats (like myself), you must have heard of this restaurant, Da Wanmian.

The name in Chinese 大碗面 means "Big Bowl Noodles". As the name suggests, this restaurant specializes in Chinese noodles and the portion is huge! 🍜🍜🍜

💰The prices are very friendly. You can expect a satisfying meal for less than 10 euros. Most of the noodles are priced at 6 euros!

There is a big variety of the topping for the noodles. My personal favorite is the spicy noodle with duck blood and beef tripes. 👀You have to be very adventurous with food to like it.

Besides noodles, there are also other options such as fried rice and, dumplings and rice cakes.


Would you try the noodle with duck blood and beef tripe?