20 June 2024
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The Ultimate Foodie Guide: 50 best spots to eat in Lisbon

I've lived in Lisbon for 8 years and tried over 1000 restaurants — This is the most comprehensive guide of Lisbon's best restaurants & bars, must-try dishes, and local gems that you ever hope to come across!
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Welcome to Lisbon!

Whether it’s the most impossible reservation to book in the hottest restaurant in Principe Real, or the illegal Chinese diner hidden in a residential building in Chinatown, there are endless options for dining in Lisbon's lively food-and-drink scene.

Here is the most comprehensive list of the best restaurants and bars in Lisbon that you ever hope to come across, quite frankly. One thing you can always rely on is the foodie behind this guide is quite a picky eater and only includes places that she genuinely ate at and liked.

A Guide to Some of Lisbon's Best Dining Neighborhoods

Lisbon is not big compared to some mega metropolitans, but the food culture here is rather rich and dynamic. The rent may be too damn high in the city, but a short walk or a Uber ride introduces you to a different food scene in every neighborhood.

Principe Real

Principe Real gets a lot of attention as some of the hottest spots for dining are concentrated in this neighborhood. Chef Kiko's famous casual Peruvian spot, A Cevicheria serves ceviche and seafood dishes with an Asian twist plus pisco sours and wine. My personal favorites include BouBou's which has a lovely garden, Lebanese food at Sumaya, Atalho Real for good quality meat with friends, Gin Lovers in a beautiful palace, and Cafe Principe Real a hotel restaurant in Memmo hotel with a gorgeous tranquil view.

Mouraria / Martin Moniz / Intendente

This area starting from Chinatown to the surrounding of Avenida Almirante Reis is home to one of the city’s most affordable and diverse array of cuisines. You will find some affordable Asian eateries for fresh hand-pull noodles, dim sum, Peking duck, Vietnamese pho and so much more. The Portuguese seafood place Ramiro, and popular meat place Carvoaria Jacto are also here.  


Downtown Lisbon's most central neighborhood is often thought of as a destination for some of the most compelling spots in the city. Pan Asian restaurant (Boa Bao), Chef Avillez's creation (Bairro do Avillez), Portuguese in a palace (Palacio Chiado), Seafood (Sea Me), Japanese (Nomada Chiado) are among the latest group of restaurants that have become destinations for diners all over Lisbon and internationally. Many of the longtime favorites are still going strong: Cafe No Chiado has one of the best ribs, the two Michelin restaurants, Alma and Belcanto, are always fully booked. Newcomers like Ao 26, a vegan spot inspired by Portuguese cuisines, and O Boteco, modern takes on Brazilian food are cementing the area’s reputation as one of the best dining destinations in the city.

La Paparrucha, a steakhouse in Principe Real with a view

Follow the (Michelin) Stars

Lisbon is home to 10 Michelin-starred restaurants, as of the latest awards given out in 2022. Belcanto and Alma are the only two 2-star restaurants, both are creative Portuguese menus. The list also include 100 Maneiras - Bosnian cuisine inspired menu, and Eneko - Basque flavor inspired menu. For the more affordable options, there’s also the Michelin Bib Gourmand list, among the 4 recommendations there is a vegan restaurant called Arkhe, and two Portuguese restaurant O Frade, and Solar dos Nunes.

Feitoria, 1-star Michelin restaurant

Head Out of Town (but within 30-min drive)

There are a few must-try restaurants located outside of the Lisbon city center but totally worth trying.

Cozinha Velha is next to the Queluz National Palace, and serves traditional Portuguese dishes, their specialty is the Sunday "Cozido" lunch where you experience the most traditional Sunday feast.

Taking a boat ride to cross the Tejo river, you will find Ponto Final, a lovely rustic restaurant sitting at the waterfront patio offering classic Portuguese plates and an uninterrupted view of the river and Lisbon city.

Staying on the Caparica side, one of my favorite beach restaurant is Irmao, it has a chilling free vibe and sometimes has DJ and live music.

Driving west towards Cascais direction, you must make a stop at Furnas do Guincho, where you can enjoy the fine seafood and just simply the wavs and the sea from this elegant restaurant on the cliff and rocks.

Keep driving north on the way to Sintra, make sure to check out Moinho Dom Quixote. It is a windmill turned restaurant now has lovely garden, an out-of-this-world view of the ocean and villages, truly a work of art.

Moinho Dom Quixote, in Sintra

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