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vegetarian, Michelin, vegan


innovative, contemporary




Cais do Sodre

Trendy vegetarian restaurant with innovative dishes.

This restaurant is always fully booked.

I have been trying since this summer and finally got a booking in the end of the year, right after they made it to the 2022 Michelin restaurant list.

The menu is carefully curated and quite innovative. I have to say Arkhe made a non-vegetarian food (aka, me) quite content.

You choose the dishes you want for the tasting menu. There are 3 menus:

  • Autumn menu - 3 courses - EUR 47;

  • Discovery menu - 5 courses - EUR 67;

  • Carte Blanche Menu - 7 courses - EUR 87.

I had the discovery menu and the amount of food is perfect.


If I can nitpick the bathroom can be improved - it's TINY!

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