Príncipe Real

Best spots in Príncipe Real neighborhood, an area with most chic restaurants and bars in Lisbon.

Trendy Tables: A fashionable district with hip cafes, gourmet restaurants, and organic markets. Enjoy a vibrant mix of culinary delights in one of Lisbon’s most stylish areas.

Updated on
June 30, 2024
Café de São Bento
Portuguese steak house with a classic touch
Very popular 100% natural ice cream and sorbets.
Pavilhão Chinês
A bar with 5 rooms decorated like a museum with toys from WWII.
Romantic spot with Mediterranean-Asian fusion dishes, plus a tree-shaded brick terrace & city views.
Great variety of gins and cocktails in an Embassy building.
Oysters and Margaritas
A bar with oysters and other seafood, fish, cocktails and wine.
Elegant artsy basement bar with an outdoor garden.
Wine bar located inside of an old aqueduct with history.
Romantic Argentinian grill with a city view.
Tasty meat of great value, plus a garden.
Seagull Method Cafe
Cozy relaxing weekend brunch.
Sophisticated cocktail bar with a modern high-end look.
Lovely spot and famous for the pistachio flavor gelato.
Quirkily decorated cozy space that serves food all day.
Stylish chic spot with a garden for some seafood!
Stylish bar with fantastic cocktails, oysters and friendly staff.
Cafe Principe Real
Elegant Hotel rooftop in Principe Real overlooking a pool and the city.
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