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Every day, over 50,000 people search for places to eat in Lisbon. Let us help you stand out!

Customized solutions to boost your visibility and reach a food-loving audience.

Featured Listing

Your restaurant will show up on top of the search results, with optimized SEO and a featured badge to stand out.

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We’ll create buzz about your restaurant with eye-catching Instagram stories.

Content Creation

We create custom blog posts and engaging videos to showcase your restaurant and make people crave a visit.

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We offer various ad options – (banners, sidebars, homepage) to maximize your exposure on our high-traffic site.

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Your questions, answered

Everything you need to know about getting your restaurant featured and billing.
Can I customize a package to fit my needs?
Absolutely! We offer customizable packages to ensure our services align perfectly with your marketing goals and budget. Talk to us!
How can I benefit from the monthly Featured Plan?
It places your restaurant at the top of search results. When someone searches for a restaurant, you'll appear first, attracting more attention and potential customers.

Additionally, you can customize the content on your listing page, including the written description, images, booking link or phone number etc. Our data shows that with a customized page and a booking link, viewers are 3X more likely to make a reservation.

Plus, you'll get a free shoutout on our official Instagram account, reaching an engaged foodie audience in Lisbon. Normally our standard rate for a social media shoutout starts at €50, but with the Featured Plan, you get this shoutout free when you start the subscription.

Ready to make your restaurant stand out? Start the plan today.
Can you create a Reel / TikTok video for my restaurant?
Here's how it works: the restaurant invites our lead foodie to try the food. Based on their experience, we may propose a collaboration. We only recommend what's delicious! Whether we collaborate or not, we'll create a listing on our website for free to boost your online exposure.

If we collaborate, we'll make a video and tag your restaurant. Our audience is foodies aged 25-45 in Lisbon with purchasing power. Each Reel typically gets at least 20k views, with some reaching over 100k views (potential clients for your restaurant!).

You can choose one of two payment options for the collaboration video:
1. A fixed fee of €350 + VAT; or
2. Pay per view: €10 per 1000 views, capped at €500 (views counted 4 weeks after posting).

Let's do it? Get in touch with our lead foodie now.
Can other info be added to an invoice?
Yes. Please provide the additional invoice info to one of our lead foodies via this link.
How can I cancel my subscription?
Please contact our lead foodie on WhatsApp via this link. You can cancel anytime, and we will remove you from the subscription list starting the following month.
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