Avenidas Novas

Best restaurants in Lisbon's upper-middle class family neighborhood, Avenidas Novas.

Modern Munchies: A contemporary district with sleek bistros, trendy cafes, and international dining options. Perfect for foodies seeking variety and modern flair.

Updated on
June 30, 2024
Authentic Ukrainian restaurant, in contemporary setting.
Pizzeria Maria
Delicious pizza in retro cozy atmosphere.
Barra Cascabel
Lively Mexican cuisine and cocktails in el corte ingles's rooftop gourmet eatery zone.
Classic American-style burgers and craft beer in casual setting.
Scandinavian style brunch and cakes.
Butchers Saldanha
Relaxing, casual, meat restaurant. Good value for money.
Sichuan flavors and authentic ingredients
Korean restaurant offering a wide range of authentic dishes.
Basement Bistro Ramen
Hidden spot and great value for the money.
Si Chuan Restaurante / 川渝印象
Typical Sichuan style restaurant by chefs from Chengdu.
Best kept Chinese secret in Lisbon (cheap, authentic Chinese in an old shopping mall's basement).
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