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Sao Sebastiao

Korean restaurant offering a wide range of authentic dishes.

The K-bob first appeared as a humble food stand in Asian Food Court, in Martim Moniz. Back then, there was no Korean restaurants in Lisbon so this one became very successful. (unlike now in 2022 there are already 5-6 Korean places.)

It quickly opened a proper restaurant, in the residential street of Sao Sebastiao. People love it for the food, but also for the experience of trying something Korean.

There was a time the restaurant was fully booked. Nowadays the hype has calmed down a bit, so I can enjoy my food there with more calm.

One thing great about them is that they are always evolving. When Korean BBQ became popular, they soon included it in their menu. However the BBQ is not their strength (sorry). I really love other dishes such as the kimchi tofu stew soup, and the fried sweet potato noodles!!👍😋😋😋


Must try "Japchae" - sweet potato noodles!!

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