Best restaurants in Lisbon's elegant residential Estrela neighborhood.

Elegant Eateries: This charming district, with its beautiful basilica and lush gardens, offers elegant dining options and cozy taverns. Savor classic Portuguese cuisine in a relaxed, picturesque setting.

Updated on
June 30, 2024
São Rabanete
Eastern European dishes, open until 2am for late night dinner.
Intimate Japanese restaurant offering exquisite "chef's menu".
Stylish bar with great sound system and good-looking dancing crowd
O bar mais triste da cidade
A bar to drink whiskey and drown the sorrows.
Laid-back fusion restaurant with a river-view rooftop terrace.
Gelato Davvero
Ice cram with ingredients imported from Italy!
Quimera Brewpub
Craft beer lovers' must-visit spot in a "cave".
Izakaya style restaurant with premium sakes!
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