Best restaurants in Lisbon's traditional Alfama neighborhood.

Rustic Charm: Wander through narrow, cobbled streets to find cozy taverns offering grilled sardines and bacalhau. Experience Fado music while savoring authentic Portuguese dishes.

Updated on
June 30, 2024
Zambeze Restaurant
Modern restaurant serving African/Portuguese fusion food and a terrace of city view.
Unique basement bar with live music & dance actions.
Café da Garagem
Hidden cafe overlooking the city's view through floor-to-ceiling windows.
Memmo Alfama
Chic hotel rooftop w/ pool and gorgeous view of river and city.
Dear Breakfast
Minimalist eatery serving breakfast / brunch and coffee.
Ulysses Speakeasy
Shoe-box size tiny intimate bar with bespoke cocktails.
Aura Dim Sum Lab
A trendy cozy dim sum place with fusion flavors!
High-end, modern French cuisine in a Portuguese courtyard.
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