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Dear Breakfast


pancake, eggs, coffee


minimalist, chic





Minimalist eatery serving breakfast / brunch and coffee.

It is more than just a breakfast / brunch spot. Dear Breakfast is a much loved choice for digital nomads to work on their laptop, and tourists to get a Instagram photo (or Reel).

There are two locations:

1- near Alfama. My preferred location because it has super high ceilings.

2- near Chiado. It has 2 floors, and from the window seats you can see the iconic Lisbon tram passing by.

Food wise, you can expect a range of omelettes, pancakes, and other breakfast staples, plus juices, coffees, and cocktails.

I just secretly hope it doesn't get more touristy that it is now. 🙏 I guess that's inevitable since they only choose the most downtown tourism-centric locations to open their restaurants.


Window seats are the best.

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