Cais do Sodré

Best restaurants in Lisbon's central riverfront Cais do Sodré neighborhood.

Trendy Treats: Once a seedy dock area, now a foodie hotspot with Mercado da Ribeira offering eclectic bites. Explore vibrant eateries serving global cuisines, trendy bars, and live music venues.

Updated on
June 30, 2024
La Malquerida
Street-food style tacos and happy hour margaritas.
Dallas Burger Joint - Pink Street
Snug and cozy burger joint with 3 locations in Lisbon.
Lively tropical all-day cafe serving coffee, lunch and drinks.
Lively intriguing cocktail bar without a menu.
A purple bar serving beers, beers, and beers.
Newly-opened stylish rooftop with a panoramic elevator!
Misc by Tartar-ia
Chic spot keeping it kind of healthy specialize in tartares
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