Best restaurants in Lisbon's hillside Graça neighborhood.

Local Flavors: Known for its stunning viewpoints, Graça offers quaint eateries and local joints serving authentic Portuguese dishes. Enjoy a meal with breathtaking views of the city.

Updated on
June 30, 2024
Specialized in pizzas with a good selection.
9b by Via Graça
Stunning view of the city and creative menu
Chic, stylish cafe in Graça with a gallery, bar and shop.
Augusto Lisboa
Brunch only in Graca with pink floor (and usually packed)
Onde Cocktail Room
Intimate bar in Graca with tasty cocktails.
Secret Garden LX
Casual homey place for sunset.
RD's Restaurant
Affordable, delicious Nepalese cuisine in the heart of the Graça neighborhood.
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