Best Japanese spots in Lisbon to eat ramen, sushi, and more.

From delicate sushi to comforting bowls of ramen, here are some of the best Japanese bites in Lisbon!

Updated on
June 30, 2024
Omakase Ri
Intimate Japanese restaurant offering exquisite "chef's menu".
Izakaya style restaurant with premium sakes!
Koppu Ramen + Izakaya
Koppu Ramen + Izakaya
Casual spot with good ramen.
Popular, high ceiling ramen restaurant in Lisbon.
Silk Club
Contemporary rooftop restaurant serving Japanese food with luxurious feel.
Basement Bistro Ramen
Basement Bistro Ramen
Hidden spot and great value for the money.
Hachi の Kare-ya!
Hachi の Kare-ya!
Japanese place for curry and omelets.
Honda's Ramen
Honda's Ramen
Delicious ramen made by Nepalese chef.
Shifu Ramen
Shifu Ramen
Quirky ramen place with Japanese manga & robot cat.
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