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Go Juu








Praca de Espanha

Authentic Japanese with a good lunch menu

It is one of the most highly-rated Japanese restaurants in Lisbon. Despite the location being away from the touristic center of downtown Lisbon, this restaurant attracts both locals and foreigners thanks to the mention on the Michelin gourmet guide.

It is difficult to book for dinners because they sometimes only take reservations for "private members". During lunch it's full of professionals working nearby. The lunch menu is more valuable: ranging from €14,50 to €23,00.

The dining space is open and well organized. There are big screens showing live-feed of how the chefs prepare the food, which is fun to watch. The entrance is nice but the inside feels a bit commercial to me.

If I crave Japanese food, this place is not my top choice, simply because I know there are many other great options in Lisbon. Within 500 meters walking distance, you will find Nomada and AronSushi. For lunch I'd prefer Yakuza First Floor (update: it is permanently closed due to the pandemic!) where you have a beautiful outdoor garden and pay a similar price. If you aim for something fancier, Kanazawa has a genius omakase style tasting menu, and Silk Club has a breath-taking view. On the mid-price range, there are also Miss Jappa (in Principe Real), Tasca Kome (near the main cathedral), and Avenida Sushi Cafe (near Avenida da Liberdade). Etc...


Within 500m distance, you will find 2 other great sushi places that I would go more often 👀

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