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Shifu Ramen


Japanese, ramen, noodles


quirky, fun, comic




Marques de Pombal

Quirky ramen place with Japanese manga & robot cat.

This is the newest Japanese manga themed ramen restaurant🍜. Your eyes won't be disappointed:

  1. the walls are covered in manga 🇯🇵

  2. a robot cat will deliver your order 🤖

  3. pokemon everywhere!!

Great location and brilliant decorations. Well done! 👏👏

As for the food, you will find a variety of ramen options. The quantity is good but unfortunately it's not the best ramen I have ever had in Lisbon. 😶

The price for the ramens are on the slightly expensive side. You are paying a premium for the experience. For a meal, be expected to spend about €20 (or more)! 💰👀🤷‍♀️


I want to take the robot cat home!

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