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Basement Bistro Ramen


ramen, Japanese


mysterious, low-key




Hidden spot and great value for the money.

It's not easy to find Basement Bistro. Yep, it's really in a basement.

This restaurant is located near Picoas, on a steep narrow street. Trust Google Map and you will get there.

When I was there, the ramen options were limited (but enough). We ordered a vegan ramen (those tofus are super tasty!) and a premium ramen (basically all type of toppings and meats). I liked both!

You might argue this is not authentic ramen, but tastiness is what matters. 😋 The owner/chef is from Nepal.

Did I mention the price was shockingly reasonable? All ramens are below 10 euros! 💰


I need to find the supplier of the tofu in the vegan ramen! So gooood.

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