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Ulysses Speakeasy




bespoke, intimate, tiny





Shoe-box size tiny intimate bar with bespoke cocktails.

Located in the oldest neighborhood of Lisbon (Alfama), this speakeasy is super tiny in size but stores a large collection of rare spirits and liquors. The bar shelves occupy more than half of the space, and the rest of the room can only fit a maximum of four people. On the shelves you can find a wide range of vintage spirits and liquors. 🍸🍹🥃

The owner is a Portuguese descendent from Canada 🇨🇦🇵🇹, who created the bespoke cocktail concepts for the guests. After answering a few fun questions (e.g., what's your favorite ice cream flavor), you will get a glass of unique delicious drink.

❗️Please don't forget to make a reservation!! The place is tiny remember?


You would appreciate this heads-up: a bespoke cocktail is 16 euros. Don't down it so fast lol.

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