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Authentic Portuguese flavors with a creative modern twist (Michelin 2 stars!)

If you are new to Portugal and only can choose one Michelin restaurant in Lisbon to dine, Alma is the answer. This 2-star Michelin restaurant offers 2 tasting menus, both inspired by Portuguese culinary characteristics:

"Alma" menu (€120)🐖🐟 It is the classic menu. It has a good balance of meat and seafood.

"Costa a Costa" menu (€120)🐟🌊

This menu emphasizes on sea flavors that Portugal's coast can offer.

I took the Alma menu and here is a peek preview of the moments:

The entrees and desserts are good but did not exceed my expectations. The two mains are very lovely. The chef used two very typical Portuguese proteins: codfish (bacalhau) and suckling pig (leitao).

For wine lovers out there, I'd strongly recommend the wine pairing (€70). The sommelier was extremely professional, friendly, and attentive as well as the rest of the staff. The experience was totally worth it.


I want to try the other menu next time!

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