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Chuan Yue


Chinese, Asian


casual, warm





Sichuan style Chinese eatery & hot pot.

Located a few steps away from the Roma metro station, this restaurant is one of the best Chinese eateries in Lisbon. 🙌

They specialize in Sichuan cuisine 🌶 and have hot pot for groups. My go-to spot every time I crave authentic Chinese food. You can try uncommon ingredients that can not be found in Pingo Doce (such as lotus roots and duck blood). Are you adventurous enough? 😶👀

The dining space is composed of 2 floors - there are private rooms for big groups upstairs.

💰The prices are not the cheapest among Chinese restaurants, but it's worth every penny. A good meal would cost around 15-20 euros / person; The all-you-can-eat hot pot is 28 euros/ person.


Hot pot is an off-the-menu item, so don't forget to book in advance!

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