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Copenhagen Coffee Lab


coffee, pastry


casual, minimalist





Cafe and bakery chain with 6+ locations in Lisbon - a favorite of digital nomads.

Danish coffee shop chain with over 6 locations in Lisbon. They are strategically located in core areas of downtown where expats can easily access and set up shop for working online all day. Good coffee and good wifi. There are slightly different vibes among different locations:

  • Alfama location - it's in a basement with a garden inside. It's relaxing and more authentic. Pet-friendly. It's good for catching up with some friends or working alone. Directions

  • Baixa location - it's located in one of the busiest streets of touristy center, so throughout the day you will find many travelers. The space is small and has a few outdoor seats. Directions

  • Cais do Sodre lotion - it has big tables, designed for digital nomads. It is usually busy and lots of is more similar to a commercial bakery vibe. Directions


I like their Alfama location shop the best.

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