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Author's restaurant with a kind of creative menu

Another chic, contemporary, author restaurant just opened up in downtown Lisbon. They have a 9-course tasting menu for only 35 euros! If you are not very hungry, opt for the 6-course menu (€27). They also have a vegetarian menu for your VG friends (€22). Nice!

The restaurant has a tasteful interior design, aiming for that chic intimate ambiance. However the space for the tables behind the bar felt cramped. Clients struggle a little to get out of the couch seats. I certainly hope that has been improved.

The presentation of the dishes is easy for the eyes. I remember two appetizers that are adventurous with colors: the black bun (tinted bun of cuttlefish and mussel), and the purple foam (sweet potato foam with truffle). The main dishes consist of 3 seafood and 2 meats. They are good but not much memorable points.

My favorite moment of the whole menu has to be the dessert: chocolate mousse with miso and fennel - it is AMAZING!!! The miso+fennel combo is genius: miso provides saltiness and a fermented aroma, while the fennels bring in a subtle hint of the nature. You can also taste some pleasant chewy bits of dark chocolate in every bite. Without a doubt, the highlight of the whole meal is this chocolate mousse. I loved it also because the mousse tasted "light", compared to traditional chocolate mousse. I enjoyed it very much.


I crave their chocolate mousse everyday!

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