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Asian Food Court


Asian, food court


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Martim Moniz

Cheap quick authentic eats in an Asian food court

In every major capital city, there is a Chinatown. In every Chinatown, there is always an Asian Food Court (for example the one in Flushing, NY), where you can munch on some most authentic Asian street food without breaking the bank.

This one in Lisbon is located in a building in front of the Martin Moniz square. In this building, you will find a Chinese supermarket in the basement, leaving the ground floor and mezzanine area a foodie's heaven hosting 9 different food stands:

  1. Mint House: Southeastern Asian food 🥢🍜

  2. K-BOB: Korean food, a bit pricey 🇰🇷🍲

  3. Sushi House: Japanese food 🇯🇵🍣

  4. Lanzhou Ramen: Chinese street food and ramen 🇨🇳🍜

  5. Meeting Tea: bubble tea and beverages 🧋🍹

  6. Ravioli House: Ravioli, dumpling and gyoza! 🥟

  7. Chicken Frenzy: chicken dishes Chinese style 🇨🇳🐥

  8. Bao Bar: Gua bao and Vietnamese banh mi sandwich 🇻🇳🥪

  9. Yi Lian Wok: Chinese wok and stir-fry style 🇨🇳

The overall theme is focused on the street food. The variety and options are amazing. You will find Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean etc... You can choose from one or many stands and bring the food to a table. The casual environment is perfect for catching up with friends sipping on bubble tea and having dim suns.

Must-try: My all-time favorite dish is the Sichuan spicy noodles from Lanzhou Ramen, the first stand on the right when you walk in the building. The delicious noodles are freshly made on the spot, coated with aromatic chili oil and simple garnishes. It used to be 6 euros but I think the price has increased after Covid lockdown (sad face). There is a Chinese chef and a foreigner chef...and obviously I prefer the Chinese chef's version.


Stop increasing price PLEASE 😭

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