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Wanna Try Scandinavian Brunch in Lisbon?

Lisbon brunch lovers, attention please. A new and cozy cafe just opened up in town, specializing in brunch, wraps, bowls, cakes, quick bites...with a Scandinavian touch.

First of all, let's talk about the cinnamon rolls.

A cinnamon roll is a sweet roll commonly served in Northern Europe, mainly in Scandinavian countries like Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. It consists a rolled sheet of dough with cinnamon and sugar mixture, coated with butter and then baked or deep fried. It provides a robust and sweet flavor - perfect to pair with unsweetened coffee in my opinion.

It is also popular in North America. My first ever exposure to this heavenly delicious bun is the frozen ones from the supermarket that you oven it and top with cream cheese frosting. Nothing tastes more like childhood than that.

Did I like the cinnamon rolls from this Scandinavian cafe?....keep reading to find out.

A brunch menu with cinnamon rolls and smorrebrods? Worth it?

My girl friend and I shared the "Hygge brunch", which is recommended for two people. It comes with:

  • 2 croissants, cheese, ham, and jam

  • yogurt with gronola and red fruit

  • cinnamon rolls

  • three different smorrebrods.

The menu costs €25 euros (for two). The food quantity is good, but considering the value, it's not cheap at all. You have to order drinks/coffee separately. The croissants and yogurt are ok but nothing so special.

Cinnamon Rolls

I am very happy with their cinnamon rolls. They taste like soft pillows. It is sweet but not exaggerated. The best description I can give is a warm and delicious little bun of sweet comfort. The simple ones is only €1,80 euros / unit. You can customize it by adding toppings and frostings. This is the highlight of the whole meal.


What is a "smoreebrod"? It is originated from Denmark, usually consists a piece of buttered rye break (a dense, dark brown bread - interesting texture), topped with various ingredients. The three on the menu are:

1. poached egg on avocado cream - standard

2. roast beef - lacks some seasoning

3. peanut butter with banana - a bit basic?

Cozy vibe, but maybe lack some character?

The restaurant is located in Picoas, still central but in a residential zone. You won't see tourists walk past every second. That's why most of their customers are locals, motly young crowd and a few expatriates who live nearby.

The overall theme is cozy and I appreciate to see some thoughtful Scandinavian elements. However, the tables, lights and decorations seem quite generic to me.

The space is small and narrow with limited natural light. The outdoor area is on the sidewalk of the street. The view is only the residential buildings nearby. However a shout-out for being pet-friendly and the vegan options.

❗️Oh! One very very important thing: this cafe does not serve alcoholic drinks. If you are a mimosa fan, this is not the right brunch spot for you...

Stay hungry Lisbon! See you next dinner.

Scandinavian twist is a good try, but they surely face fierce competition in the brunch segment: Hygge Kaffe.


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