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Café de São Bento


Portuguese, steak


old-school, warm




Sao Bento

Portuguese steak house with a classic touch

Cafe de Sao Bento is proud of its "Best Steak in Lisbon" - a steak served in a unique São Bento cream cause, which is inspired by the recipe of the traditional steak in the 18th century. The steak is a must-try! It is so simple but perfectly tender and delicious.

Located next to the Assembly of the Republic, the restaurant has been a success throughout its more than 35 years of existence (opened in 1982). The space is decorated in a classic and Victorian interior style, where red tones and dark wood predominate. It creates a warm and intimate atmosphere.

The waiters are dressed in uniforms and are very professional. Some of the staff there have been working with the restaurant for decades!


What's the secret in the sauce of the steak??

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