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Sweet Olive 桂花巷


Asian, Chinese, hot pot, spicy


informal, exotic, interactive





Hidden item on the menu "hot pot" is the absolute star.

Located in a residential neighborhood in Marvilla, this place is a secret gem for Chinese people. There is a metro line right next to it. It is the red line's "Chelas" metro station 🚇.

Besides the normal menu, the star in this restaurant is the famous spicy spicy hot pot! You can customize your choices:

  1. soup base (spicy / non-spicy / half-half)

  2. dipping sauce (oil dip / sesame paste dip / or dry dip)

  3. various small dishes of vegetables and meats

Then all you need to do is to put the food you want in the pot and be patient enough to watch it cook. It is very fun and a great social activity. Chinese people chat (and eat) over hot pot for hours!!


They are famous for the "secret" hot pot menu! Unfortunately it's only in Chinese. So make sure to bring me along next time so I can order for you ;)

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