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Si Chuan Restaurante / 川渝印象


Chinese, spicy


intimate, casual




Campo Pequeno

Typical Sichuan style restaurant by chefs from Chengdu.

Another Sichuan style Chinese restaurant in Lisbon! It is authentic!

The owner / chef is from Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan Province (where cute pandas 🐼and some extremely spicy dishes 🌶 are from).

The crowed is 80% Chinese, and 20% curious non-Chinese.

One of their specialties is "Spicy sea bass wrapped in edible paper", EUR 36,90, enough for 2 people. 🐟

The prices are on the mid-high side. To eat & drink well, you should budget 20-30 euros/person.💰


Feedback from the day after: the spice lingers...🌶

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