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2-Star Michelin Restaurant...would you try it?

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

If you wish to enjoy Portuguese cuisine at its finest, this may be the most gourmet fine-dining experience you could find. Without further ado, here is a peek preview of all the mouth-watering dishes from a Michelin 2 star restaurant in Lisbon:

Tasting menus are inspired by Portuguese culinary wonders.

There are two tasting menus to choose from, both are inspired by Portuguese flavors and culinary highlights. I took the OG menu, the "Alma".

"Alma" menu (€120) is the classic menu. It has a good balance of meat and seafood.

"Costa a Costa" menu (€120) emphasizes on sea flavors that Portugal's coast can offer.

The Entrees are good.

For starters, I had carrots (bulgur, apricot puree, goat cheese, cumin oil), and seared foie gras (apple, granola, beetroot, coffee). They are tasty and pretty, but not very memorable. (Sorry.)

The Mains contain some lovely surprises.

The menu contains two main courses, with ingredients that shout "Portugal" in your face: codfish and suckling pig. The chef has not only paid tribute to the traditional Portuguese culinary elements, but also injected a great amount of innovation to perform a pleasant taste adventure.

The first dish is the Cobblestreet's salted cod (onion puree, egg yolk, parsley). It looked beautiful and the taste reminds of the traditional Portuguese dish called "Bacalhau a Bras". The look is inspired by Lisbon's cobblestone pavements. How cute is that!

The second dish is the suckling pig confit (turnip top puree, pickled onions, pepper jus). I enjoyed the crispy skin, juicy meat and fat layers are nicely separated. However I do miss the kick from the peppery sauce which accompanies this dish so well in the traditional way of making the Portuguese "leitão" (piglet).

Finish strong with the Desserts.

As for the desserts, a basil sorbet (champagne and Azores Pineapple) and an orange (citrus curd, almond biscuit) were served. Tasted great, but again, not most memorable.

I loved the wine pairing!

Last but not the least, I want to specifically mention how professional, friendly, and attentive the staff are. Also, I loved the wine tasting menu (€70) - Portugal does have wonderful wines to offer!

And the chef is so dreamy....

It is one of the most famous Michelin restaurants in Lisbon, created by a Portuguese celebrity chef, Henrique Sá Pessoa. A man who is good-looking and cooks like a god... he is perfect. He looks like this👇

Stay hungry Lisbon! See you next dinner.

Best-in-class service, an iconic Michelin 2-star with Portuguese flavors - Alma.


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